dimanche 30 mars 2014

jo2emLauncher now handles manuals

jo2emLauncher has come out with a new release : 1.2.1
jo2emLauncher is a launcher for o2em. As it is written in java, it is fully useable with linux .

This new release has some internal enhancements to prepare future releases and it also has some new feature visible to end users.

  • Icons in menu and one buttons
  • error messages have been reworked
  • manual are now displayed in a dedicated tab (as shown below).
The getting started section in the readme file has been reviewed.
The manual pdf files are coming from the following site : http://www.bermuda.ch/balduin/videopac/videopac.html. Thank you very much to the owner of this site who provides us a very complete set of manuals.

The content of the next release is not defined yet. You can ask for features or vote for the planned features of this list:
  - make a nicer configuration window (with spinners for integer values
    and file choosers for directories)
  - make manual, screenshot and cover directories optional
  - make a fancier About window
  - make o2em size configurable
  - make o2em function keys configurable
  - use tvb (as well as text file)
  - enable to localize keyboard shortcuts
  - display text / html manuals
  - have a zoom option "fit width"
  - enable to parameterize rom scanner
  - add a category notion for roms

I am very willing to receive feedback from people who plan to use or actually use jo2emLauncher.

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