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o2em emulator on raspberry pi


I am going to install o2em on a raspberry pi.

Sometimes ago I had bought a raspberry pi. I was then seeking another goal. The project I then had did not succeed, so this marvellous piece of technology was lying in a shoe box under my old CRT television set.
good old television set

A raspberry pi model B, 2 pads, good old TV set. All I need to get a videopac / odyssey 2 playing  in my living room  is to install an emulator.
I thank smoothifier for his very kind message and for having given me the idea to turn this raspberry pi into a videopac / odyssey 2 emulator. To say it shortly, I tried and as I managed, I'm going to tell you how.
As I really tried many tunings on my raspberry pi, I decided to start from blank. So I started by downloading NOOBS 1.4.0. . I installed raspbian. Then I made some basic customizations:
  • network
  • overclock settings at 900 MHz
  • timezone
  • keyboard
  • enable ssh access
o2em requires liballegro. To install it:
$ apt-get liballegro4.2-dev

I didn't know if I needed liballegro4.2-plugin-jack, I avoided doing anything and for the moment it seems ok.
Then, I followed my post install o2em on linux and-recompile it section 2. I placed source files in  /home/pi/o2em118src and I installed binary files in  /home/pi/o2embin directory.
I copied binary files resulting from compilation into o2embin:
  • o2em
  • dis48
I created a directory called bios and copied the french videopac C52 bios file that can be downloaded from here : The old computer (Last file from the list)
Then I installed a rom file set coming from here : emulvideopac-rom001.tgz .

Launching o2em

You must have X11 started to launch o2em. So enter the following commands in an  xterm.
$ cd o2embin
$ ./o2em
produces a minimal message :
O2EM v1.18 (Jan/2007)  -  UNIX binary
Free Odyssey2 / Videopac+ Emulator -
Created by Daniel Boris (c)1996/1998
Developed by:
     Andre de la Rocha since version 0.80
     Arlindo M. de Oliveira since version 1.16

type o2em -help

$ o2em -help
produces a help message that I cannot completely see on my TV set because it is too long . The Esc key enables to get the help window away.

$ o2em vp_14.bin
launches the game 14 "duel".

$ o2em -fullscreen vp_14.bin
launches the game 14 "duel" in full screen.

If you have 2 joypads with your raspberry, as I do :
The raspberry pi and 2 pads
$ ./o2em -s1=3 -s2=3 -fullscreen vp_14.bin
enables to play using the pads instead of the keyboard.

Whatever are your preferred options, you acn record them once for all in a file named o2em_def.cfg. This file must be placed in the binary directory (/home/pi/o2embin). My o2em_cgf file contains:
# PVentrillon configuration 1

This enables to launch the emulator with a simpler command :
$ o2em vp_14.bin

Deactivate the screensaver

While playing, you will probably be annoyed by the screensaver. It is triggered after 10 minutes and replaces the display by a black screen.
This is not compatible with playing arcade games.
I found information on how deactivating the screensaver in this news thread : screensaver .
To make it short, i just added the following lines to the file /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart:
  @xset s noblank
  @xset s off
  @xset -dpms

Here is the result. We could believe be back to the 80's. Actual odyssey 2 joystick would achieve to make the feeling complete.

o2em working

Making  o2em work on raspberry pi has been easier than I first thought. Next step will be to try jo2emlauncher on raspberry pi.

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