dimanche 10 mars 2013

launcher (graphic front end ) for o2em under linux

 version fançcaise

We saw there is a nice application called  o2emlauncher  to ease o2em use. Unfortunately it only exists on windows. What does exists under linux ?

Well according to my knowledge, untill yesterday there was nothing.  But for some reasons that i won't detail at once, but only later,  I absolutely wanted to use and make my children use o2em under linux OS. So I developped a launcher for o2em.

It is an open source application. The project is hosted at sourceforge sourceforge, it is called jo2emlauncher.

It is a java application, thus it should work under win, OSX, and other OSes. It is still in the beta stages, but as my children have been using it for a whileI think it is enough stabel to be usable.

Here is a screen capture :

For those who want to start from sources, a readme file is provided.

For thos who want it more simple :

I am seeking for any feedback
  • some translations to other languages
  • some requests for features
  • some bug reports
  • some reports of test for any OS
  • some set of parameters
  • some request for help

Hope you will enjoy ...

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